Friday, September 14, 2012

Assessment 5 Texture Samples

The first of the texture samples. Exploring supplementary warps, chaining, soumak, macrame square knots, wrapped threads and various other knots. Used wool, hemp twine , cardboard & cotton. Finished with bone, shell & beads.

Still can't keep my sides straight ...hmm, maybe that should be my "thing", asymmetrical tapestries! I start with good intention and then before I know it I've become so involved in the process of the weaving, the choosing colours & yarns, the knots & textures, that I forget to keep an eye on the shape of the whole.


  1. You're doing a great job, Christine!! Don't worry, I'm still having trouble with my edges too - getting better though!!

  2. Lots of lovely imaginative explorations in that one, Christine. Great stuff.

  3. Looking at this again it seems to me that you had some really great ideas in giving textures with supplementaries, extra loops and jingle jangles - that more than made up for the pulled in edges (which are only a matter of a little extra practice). It really is worth going on with this, 'cos you showed some real imagination in this treatment...