Monday, March 26, 2012

Assessment 1 feedback

Today I received my Basic Sampler assignment, marked and with feedback from Jude.

There is lots of praise and lots of helpful 'criticism'. Not criticism really, but comments & recommendations on where I went amiss and what I could try next time.

I need to find some time to get out my books and re-read the comments in relation to those to get a better understanding of some of the concepts.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tapestry Weaving Course

I've just been told about another Tapestry Weaving course. This would be suitable for anyone who lives in the Southern Highlands area of NSW or is prepared to board for a while as accommodation is available.

The course is held at Sturt in Mittagong which has a wonderful history (you can read all about it on the website). The current Tapestry Weaving has already started but they are also running a 5 day weaving course (not specifically tapestry) in winter, and it is likely the Summer timetable repeats each year.

And it's not just weaving at Sturt. They have a wide range of creative workshops running throughout the year. Let me know if you've been, or plan on going to, any classes there.

Friday, March 16, 2012


I've been doodling & drawing in preparation for assignment 2......a small tapestry based on basic sampler. So, the brief says " .. the design....fairly simple....practise the techniques learnt in the first sampler."

I worked through the exercises and ended up with a fairly simple, but boring design

I wanted to include a circle (something I definitely need practise with).

Still boring. Yes it's simple but I want to enjoy the process as well. More drawing & doodling & thinking.

My final design (I think) is this:

Yes, it's simple but it includes lines, circles, places where I can play with blending colours together and practice the techniques from the basic sampler.

OK next step was to choose the colours. So many choices, I love most colours and was originally looking at the design seeds site for inspiration. Designs seeds can be found here:

In the end I decided to look at what I had & came up with these (2 ply wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills) 2 greens for the background stripes, 3 pinky colours for the flowers and black (from Australian Tapestry Workshop) for the flower centres. I'm hoping the black will provide that bit of "pop"

I've enlarged the design to fit an A4 piece of paper. Now to warp.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Basic Sampler

Here is the completed basic sampler.

 It is very obvious that the sides pull in right where I wove the circle. I used 8 strands of the Australian Tapestry Workshop dyed yarns up to that point and then added a different yarn for the circle. I think I should have used more of the black/lurex yarn because after the circle the sides go back out again.
My landscape is very simple, leaves against a two colour background. I used some oddments from my yarn stash for this. I wanted to try a different textural look and also get away from the original colours.

At least there's plenty of room for improvement!

For Misha

OK Misha this is for you.

I've since finished & sewn the slits. My "landscape" is very simple but I'm happy with it. I'll try for a photo of the completed sampler tomorrow.