Friday, February 17, 2012

Basic Sampler

Well I've started the basic sampler for my first assignment. My intention was to post progress pics & a photo of the completed sampler......but, I'm a bit embarrassed. I don't think it is very good.
I'm using 8 strands of 2 ply which is giving me problems in keeping all the plys aligned & not twisting over. Also my sides are starting to pull in (is my weft too thin?)

For anyone that's done the basic sampler I am up to the circle. Although circle may not be the right word to use here! It started off fine but once I passed the half way point the shape is looking too elongated (think fat egg). I'm hoping it will pack down & look better. I'm half thinking I should pull it out & start the circle again.

My thoughts: it's taking a lot longer than I thought it would so I'm just going to continue & complete this sampler. If time allows I will weave another (hopefully better) sample.
I'll take some photos & who knows, if I'm feeling brave, they may appear here on the blog ... after all, what's a blog without photos.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ready, Set, ..

Just a quick update. I received the 2 books for this year and was surprised at the number of assignments to get through. Pleasantly surprised though. If this is the first year then it looks like the course is going to be quite substantial and have some great content. I'm really looking forward to the dyeing and excited that I will (hopefully) be able to dye whatever colour yarn I'd like.
I've started ordering the materials needed so I can make a start ASAP ... first assignment due March 15.