Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It Begins

Today I received word that I had been accepted into the Diploma of Tapestry at South West TAFE. It is a 6 year part time correspondence course. I hope I'm up to it.
The purpose of this blog is to document my progress and experiences throughout the course.

Here's something I posted on my other blog last week:

I've been looking into Tapestry Weaving...borrowing books from the local libraries, (I've since ordered one of the books), reading blogs, looking at looms. The looms I'm looking at (from cheapest to most expensive) are:
  •  the Ashford Weaving frame which is basically a wooden frame with notches cut top & bottom. Am I correct in thinking that because of these notches that the closeness of the warp threads (is this epi??)can not be changed? The frame also limits the dimensions of the finished tapestry.
  • the Schacht portable tapestry loom with optional A frame stand. This has 4 heddles. It is 25" wide but allows for a continuous warp around the frame so the length can be up to 60". I can't find a supplier in Australia as yet so have an "order" with Dick Blick. I'm waiting to see how much the shipping is on this and then can either confirm or cancel the order.
  • the Ashford Tapestry Loom. This is a big investment loom.
I'm opting for the actual looms over the frame as I think the frame may be too limited & I could quickly outgrow it. I don't understand the differences between the Ashford & the Schacht. Any Tapestry Weavers out there who can offer some advice?

   From my rigid heddle loom