Tuesday, July 10, 2012


This week I received my last 2 assignments back with feedback. Both were marked 80/100 (like my first assignment),  so I'm consistent.

Here's the one I forgot to photograph before sending it off.

I really have to practice working with colours and having bobbins starting everywhere. It is resulting in not being in the right pass when the 2 colours meet, which is quite obvious in this piece.
I also have to beat down firmer. After watching some videos I had actually thought I was being too harsh in beating down, but apparently not.

I'm having second thoughts about using the mangroves as an inspiration for the next tapestry. The brief is to use multi-colours so I'm thinking the mangroves are not colourful enough. Also I was advised to use some colour in my design (a response to the above tapestry).

(To answer Mishas question about my location: I am in Ballina, on the far north coast of NSW, about an hours drive to the NSW/Qld border. So I am lucky to have mangroves, beach, rivers, mountains, rainforest, paddocks .... lots of natural landscape for inspiration).

Anyone going to the Geelong Fibre Forum in September? (I'm going & will be doing the knitting workshop with Teresa Dair.)


  1. lovely muted colours on that assignment. at least I recognise good colour even if I don't do it myself!

    I must check out the geelong thing - is there a website?


  2. Looks great! I still have trouble with shapes being in the right shed too ;)

    Why don't you keep the mangrove design, but do it in unrealistic colours?

  3. Not being an expert, this might not work ... but ... I think I used an extra bobbin sometimes, so that I had two of the same colour and only used one for a very small number of warps. That is, I might have been doing the green to close to the flower, then used the same green to the flower but in a different shed, then the flower. Not sure how I then got all the greens into one shed so I could use one bobbin, but I am sure I did that occasionally.
    I was also told to use a bobbin with the same colour as the rest of the work when I was doing a large space that was one colour, this stopped me pulling the side in too much, which was a problem for me.