Thursday, May 24, 2012

Assessment 2

I can't believe I've posted Assessment 2 without taking photographs.
I'll admit I was hurrying to get it finished in time. I had 6 weeks off work on medical leave & had these grand plans that I would get ahead with my assignments, but it didn't happen.

Instead I stayed in my comfort zone & finished some projects for the etsy shop:

and also opened my online yarn store:

so in the last week I've been under pressure (timewise) to get the assignment finished & I completely underestimated the time I'd need for finishing. But it's done & on the way south for assessment. I'm disappointed as I think I could have done a much better job if I'd taken my time.

Now for the next assesment on colour. There's not a lot of time to get this one done so I've made a start & have the loom warped ready for a weekend of weaving.

I've decided to go with a finer warp this time & am using 12/9 cotton warp from Glenora Weaving & Wool. (I'm still using the frame loom but think I'll try warping my Schacht tapestry loom for the next assessment.)

I've also made the investment & ordered the set of Archie Brennan DVDs. I think it will be really helpful to have some visual instruction instead of text & pictures.


  1. I look forward to seeing a pic when it gets sent back!!

    I have been tempted to get those DVDs - let me know what they're like ;)

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  3. Wondered where you'd got to, Christine! Good you've got the assignment done - do post a pic when it gets back. I found the colour sampler fun to do - hope you'll enjoy it too!

    And congratulations on your online shop. Hope it's a success.