Friday, March 16, 2012


I've been doodling & drawing in preparation for assignment 2......a small tapestry based on basic sampler. So, the brief says " .. the design....fairly simple....practise the techniques learnt in the first sampler."

I worked through the exercises and ended up with a fairly simple, but boring design

I wanted to include a circle (something I definitely need practise with).

Still boring. Yes it's simple but I want to enjoy the process as well. More drawing & doodling & thinking.

My final design (I think) is this:

Yes, it's simple but it includes lines, circles, places where I can play with blending colours together and practice the techniques from the basic sampler.

OK next step was to choose the colours. So many choices, I love most colours and was originally looking at the design seeds site for inspiration. Designs seeds can be found here:

In the end I decided to look at what I had & came up with these (2 ply wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills) 2 greens for the background stripes, 3 pinky colours for the flowers and black (from Australian Tapestry Workshop) for the flower centres. I'm hoping the black will provide that bit of "pop"

I've enlarged the design to fit an A4 piece of paper. Now to warp.


  1. Quite a process Christine, isn't it?
    I've put my initial doodles up on my site - and am still undecided about my design. Too complex is asking for trouble - and too simple is,as you say, boring.
    I've also ordered (and received) the acid milling dye kit and hope to get started on the dyeing exercises in the next week or two as well...

  2. Ooo, love your colour choices Christine! That Design Seeds blog is awesome ;)