Friday, February 17, 2012

Basic Sampler

Well I've started the basic sampler for my first assignment. My intention was to post progress pics & a photo of the completed sampler......but, I'm a bit embarrassed. I don't think it is very good.
I'm using 8 strands of 2 ply which is giving me problems in keeping all the plys aligned & not twisting over. Also my sides are starting to pull in (is my weft too thin?)

For anyone that's done the basic sampler I am up to the circle. Although circle may not be the right word to use here! It started off fine but once I passed the half way point the shape is looking too elongated (think fat egg). I'm hoping it will pack down & look better. I'm half thinking I should pull it out & start the circle again.

My thoughts: it's taking a lot longer than I thought it would so I'm just going to continue & complete this sampler. If time allows I will weave another (hopefully better) sample.
I'll take some photos & who knows, if I'm feeling brave, they may appear here on the blog ... after all, what's a blog without photos.


  1. Haaha, I bet it's not as bad as my first one!! I couldn't make head or tail of the instructions, and wove my sampler just on the top warp threads! It was a bloody disaster ... so I actually wove another miniature sampler correctly, and included that in with it ;)

    It will get easier - and quicker! ;)

  2. So, Christine - let's see how the sampler is going!!

    As of today (Saturday 3 March)I've got as far as doing all the 'set bits' and have to come up with an idea for the landscape.